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Yasi is specialized in R&D, manufacturing, marketing and technical service of high precision optical glass components, high power laser optics and various infrared optics ect,With advanced technology, high quality products, and good service of our professional team, we can fulfill customers,requirements of manufacturing optical components made from various materials, such as zinc selenide, zinc sulfide, calcium, barium fluoride, germanium, YAG crystal, yttrium vanadate, sapphire, fused quartz, ceramics, coopers, aluminium, molybdenum ect.

Latest News

  • 08-262022

    Bifocal focus lens for carbon dioxide laser cutting

    The bifocal focus lens is a revolutionary new product in the application of carbon dioxide laser cutting, which can directly replace the traditional focus lens. Under the same laser power condition, the auxiliary gas used is greatly reduced, but thicker materials can be ...

  • 08-202022

    Double sided machining technology of planar optical parts

    1.Motion trajectory of any particle of the processed part Since the two surfaces are processed synchronously, the restricted factors are doubled in the process of processing. Therefore, it is very important to strive to make the motion trajectory of any particle on the surface of the processed p...

  • High speed fine grinding single piece machining

    High speed fine grinding single piece machining

    Disk processing and single piece processing are two processing methods currently used in optical parts processing. In fact, single piece processing has many advantages. It can eliminate the auxiliary processes such as upper plate, lower plate and cleaning. Especially in mass production, because o...